Monday, August 10, 2009

I keep flip-flopping on the idea...

As you know, I'm getting on a yacht. Moving around on a four story yacht isn't going to be easy in a gorgeous gown, let alown in some sassy heels that I'm envying (see one of my last posts for my fuchsia heel envy). Not only that, Mr. Mojito is 5'11... with me being 5'9 that doesn't leave much heel room for me if I don't want to tower over him - which I don't.
Preferebly I don't want any height at all AND I want to be comfortable and not completely eat it when I am moving around on the yacht (stairs, docks, etc.) so I've toyed with the idea of flip flops. Who really sees my feet anyway since my gown will be extra long? I mean, I clearly am not the first bride to have this idea!

If I would do flip flops it clearly wouldn't be that wedge, but I would want a little bit of bling like below if I was to go THAT casual, maybe even some rinestones in my wedding colors? Sounds good... I could definately dance all nite in some Havainas!

But it's my wedding day, I should be able to have some cute shoes that are still flats right? Part of me wants something that has a sling back and is flat kind of like these that I already own. They are the DV by Dolce Vita Sandals and I got them at Norstrom, I live in these and have them in three colors. (Please excuse the big white gaps, those are parts of the pic from Nordstrom!)

If I did want to do a flip-flop though, I did love these Guess sandals. They are called "Gratefully" and they are also available at Nordstrom.
The great part is, is these will be shoes that I will definately be able to wear again after my wedding day!

Did you do the typical sexy heels or go for a more casual flat or flip flop? Any great flat's that are wedding appropriate that you would like to share send the link my way!

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