Wednesday, August 5, 2009

get down tonite.

Sorry video isn't posting, but here is the link:

Okay, who at the end of watching this video hasn't contemplated the wedding dance? It's something that you have seen online and stuff but it's not something you usually experience at weddings, so why not give your guests something they will NOT forget about your wedding? Personally, Mr. M & I would love to do something like this, but I'm just not sure how it would work out.

I mean we wouldn't want to copy something exactly how it was done before, especially after even my dad has seen this video... it's pretyt much made it's rounds on the 'net. But over half of our bridal party is out of state, how could we possibly have the time to choreograph something by the wedding day when some people might only be in town a couple of days before the wedding? Plus, Mr. M is having his Bachelor party the day before, so the boys will be useless on Friday.

I would really love to incorporate something... will I have to nix this idea all together? Any ideas ladies?

P.S. And I thought I would leave you with the mock of the dance video. Although don't want to talk about Divorce on a wedding blog, just have to share this! :)

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