Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Frankly my dear...

... I don't give a damn.

Do you ever feel that when it comes to the wedding? Sometimes it's not always it's all about me, me, me... I'm sorry Mr. M... us, us, us but I feel like I don't care what anyone elses opinion is about my, oops our day.

At first I wanted this to be the best wedding that everyone would always remember. That means going above and beyond for anything and everything... even those special over the top details that unfortunatley will go unnoticed.

I've been trying to cut out the things that I was doing just to impress people, and go more towards what we like, and our vision that we see our wedding being as a couple. Isn't the gorgeous yacht impressive enough??

So when people start asking me questions about traditions and other things we are doing at our wedding and then we get "the look" or some other comment... I just brush it off, this is OUR wedding and it should represent us and make us happy... because after all this is in celebration of us, so I don't have to please anyone but us. So guess what Aunt Jane and Uncle Dick... we don't give a damn.

Does anyone else ever feel that they are doing things just to impress people? Has it ever been something you weren't even to fond of in the first place or didn't really represent you as a couple?

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