Monday, August 10, 2009

The First Peek

Hello, my name is Miss Mojito and I am a big time crier.

BIG crier.
Because of this, this was one of the reasons I was set on doing a first look?

What does a first look have to do with it, you may ask. Well, I think to have that special moment with Mr. Mojito will be amazing... it will be a time to take it all in with just the two of us (and our photog of course). It will be a time for me to let my emotions flow (and have time to retouch before the ceremony) and get some of the nerves out.

No doubt, I will still cry during that moment walking down the aisle with my dad... but I think I will feel so much more cool and collected if I have already share that special time alone with Mr. M.

Plus, who doesn't LOVE looking at amazing first look photos? They are always so special... I love the ones with Mrs. Powderpuff!

Mrs. Powder Puff's First Look Post
Secondly, and kinda very important is we only have four hours on our yacht. So that's four hours to do a ceremony, eat dinner, and get our groove on -- all three very important things that I don't want to waste!
So do you think I want to disappear on the roof of the yacht to take a bunch of pictures for an hour? Absolutely not! Plus, there isn't a lot of picture options when you are on a yacht with 200+ people. So we want to do a first look so that we have at least an hour or so between the first look and the time we have to be at the yacht to go to the pier and beach to take photos with the bridal party. Then we will take about 10 minutes to just get a few shots of us two on the yacht and then we will get going to dinner. We cut out cocktail hour just for the mere fact that we wanted to make sure we got the best use of those four hours. Wow, I wish I could afford to pay for more hours but it's just way to pricey and since I'm already over budget that won't happen.
So those are the two reasons, that I think are pretty valid, on why we will be deciding to do a first look. People my age totally get it, but I'm noticing the more traditional older crowd just doesn't see how it makes ANY sense.
Are you and your FH going to do a first look? Did you get any grief for wanting to do a first look?

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