Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

My Bridesmaid Newsletter that is!

Okay, I've heard so many friends complain, and heard complaints on boards, etc. how annoyed girls have gotten with their friend who is getting married. She is so bossy and just deligates one thing after another. I didn't want to be that bride, but I also could sometimes see that maybe that wasn't her plan... she was just overly excited (like we all are) and it comes across that way but more she is just trying to be organized.

So I didn't give these girls to-do lists, or demanded anything... but I did want them to have a place where all of the information is without me having to always email it. Then when I have an update or something I put it on there so all information is in one place.

I don't remember if it was a Bee or just someone in the Hive but someone mentioned a website called Wix. This is awesome! You can make your own website for free and it's awesome. They are flash websites so you can add some pretty fancy touches.

I would love to just send you the link to check out mine, but I do have all of the girls contact information on here so I want to keep that private, but here are a few screenshots for you.

For some reason even when I say to make the pictures big it makes them oh so tiny :) But maybe you get the idea!
I have a few different tabs... one has all of the information of all of the bridal party. Including their phone number, email address, and mailing address. I have another tab that has all of the information about the bridesmaid dresses. The style #, color, etc. Including all of their local locations to their nearest David's Bridal since everyone is all over the place. The next tab is for events like engagement parties, showers, bachelorette parties, etc. So they know dates, times, locations etc. Then there is just a contact page where you can contact me directly through the site with questions, etc.
The girls have loved it and I've gotten all positive feedback! What did you do to keep your girls in the loop? Do you ever feel bossy or that you are bugging them at all?

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Ashley said...

Great idea. I think I'm going to do this for my girls because I hate emailing them all the time.