Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dressin' the Maids...

Picking out Bridesmaid dresses where by far the easiest task I've come across through this wedding process. That, and picking Mr. Mojito of course.

I had a few things I knew I was looking for in the beginning of the process:
  1. Something flattering for all ladies.
  2. Something they could definately wear again.
  3. Something that is easy access for everyone since I have three in So Cal and then one in the Bay Area, one in Texas, and one in Arizona.
  4. As inexpensive as possible!

Enter Alfred Angelo or David's Bridal -- I knew it would have to be a big chain that would be easy for these girls to get ahold of...

I was extremely disappointed in the bridesmaid dresses with Alfred Angelo, they were all tooo Bridesmaid dress'ish. Not sure how to explain what I mean by that but I know what I wasn't looking for. So one stop to David's Bridal and I found a few dresses that I really liked. I had originally wanted some different ones that went together and were the same fabric types but of course the two I fell in love with, one of them was getting discontinued.

So although I truly started with wanting my girls to have options that didn't end up being the case. I found a dress that I had my two maid of honors try on, they both have different body types and it looked amazing on them. So I also tried one on who has a wayyy different body type and it was even flattering on me. So I figured this is a great pic for the girls. It's a nice cotton material and it even has my FAVORITE part -- pockets! :)

The two maid of honors will be wearing the dress in Tangerine and the rest of my bridesmaids will be wearing the same dress but in Watermelon. Here are the dresses in both colors, but I have noticed that the colors are NO WERE similar to what you see on the monitor, so definately see them in person when shopping for your own!

Was it easy picking out your bridesmaid dresses? Did your girls like your picks?

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Ashley said...


I've almost decided on my BM dresses but I want my MOH to try it on before I make a final decision.