Monday, August 10, 2009

Diamonds are a Man's Best Friend??

About a year and a half ago I made a mistake. I told Mr. M that it would be a great idea for him to wear a promise ring as well while he purchased one for me.My ring isn't this EXACT ring, but it's just about the same one from Zale's. It was princess cut though and had seven diamonds instead of five. I loved this ring, so much that when I got my amazing engagement ring I said I would keep this for my wedding band and just wear them on two seperate hands.

But back to the story since this post isn't about my love for diamonds...

That was the ring I got for Mr. Mojito. The basic tungston wedding band, that is extremely popular now and being worn by most men these days, including many of our friends. So this is where the problem is, since he's had this ring for a promise ring he of course has to have something better for his actual wedding ring. So now all of a sudden tungsten is no good for him and he wants DIAMONDS.

Huh?! Don't worry... we aren't talkin' Mr. T status!But yes, this boy wants diamonds. So after realizing I don't know any guys now who had diamonds in their ring, and I think he would look silly with something so flashy I ask him to show me exactly what he wants.

Tungston is out. He wants it for sure white gold or platinum (geez this boys taste is rising the ring budget as we speak!)... and this is the exact ring he wants except he wants the diamonds princess cut instead of round so that it matches mine. Good news is, is my jewler who designed my ring has the EXACT ring Mr. Mojito wants so it should be easy to get it all figured out. Let's just hope my boys love for his first piece of bling doesn't break the pocketbook!

Did your FI go for something simple and affordable (like Miss Lab!) or something fancy like Mr. Mojito?


rikraffmusic said...

I am actually surprised that metals like titanium and tungsten are in such high demand. Neither tungsten nor titanium can be sized, so don’t gain or lose any weight! Then again, the styling of wedding bands created with these metals tends to be much different than more traditional designs created in platinum, palladium or gold.

If you are looking for additional alternative metals for wedding bands, ceramic and stainless steel are also options. If interested, you can see some here -

Also, here’s a guide to help you choose the right metal for your engagement ring, wedding band or wedding ring -

Keep in mind that when scratched, platinum does not lose much mass. A platinum wedding band or wedding ring can be refinished over and over. Platinum is definitely worth the investment.

sam said...

that is awesome...... love tungsten ring... i have a special place for tungsten ring... i have it from last four years and my many sweet memories r attached with has yet not appeared a single scratch on it...