Thursday, August 20, 2009

David's Deals

Not sure if this is going on in your area, but I know the local David's Bridal's just sent me a coupon in the mail and through email. This time it's a great one... when I went in there they told me if I bought my dress there my BMs would all get $30 off their dress. Of course they thought that was fantastic but I informed them that I would not be purchasing my dress there. So anyways, now this coupon is for $30 off all bridesmaid dresses until September 30th.

Unfortunately if you read the small print this coupon is only good at like 5 local stores. Since a few of my bridesmaids aren't local I informed them of this and if they go try on the dress and tell me their size I will order the dress for them on my credit card and they can just send me a check or pay me via PayPal before my next statement is due. Everyone seems thrilled with this idea because this puts their dress at about $105 instead of $135 each which I think is a good chunk of change off the price.

I put a link to the coupon below if any of you So Cal brides are interested, if not I would see if they have coupons maybe in your area to help you out!

Has having your email and address on a bunch of obnoxious mailers benefited you as much as it has for me? Share some of your deals here!

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Ashley said...

I would make sure to get the money from the BMs before you placed the order. I've heard way too many stories on the knot about brides who ordered the dresses for their BMs and never got the money back.