Monday, August 10, 2009

Bulging Brides

Do you see this Bride's face?
I don't want to be that bride!

At the moment... I'm so scared of being her! Although she's way skinny so I only wish to be in her shoes haha. But that's besides the point... I don't want to be a:

I'm in a really crappy situation. I'm eight months away from my wedding dress and most dress shops want my dress ordered in the next one to two months to give time to have the dress made and get my alterations done. I'm a plus size bride and I plan on still losing a lot of weight before my wedding day. These girls tell me to "guess" as if it's not a big deal and it's an easy thing to do. Sure I would LOVE to be a size eight on my wedding day, so am I supposed to tell you that size? Absolutely not, because I know realistically I probably won't be that. So obviously I will have to do what I think will be the LEAST weight I will lose. I'm scared that if I loose a lot more then what will fit me the design of the dress can be lost in alterations, they are assuring me that would not be the case.

I just know I want to be beautiful like so many brides I see, I want my dress to fit perfectly and look like it was made for me.

Did any of you girls have to do a guesstimate on what size you would be for your wedding day? How did that work out?

I'm seriously so scared, but I know I just need to make a decision in the next month or so. I'm thinking of telling them two-three sizes smaller then what I am now.

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