Thursday, August 27, 2009

Be a DIYva!

One of my recent posts about doing my own DIY centerpieces I recieved a comment from someone who had never commented on one of my posts before... this person had left me some fantastic advice on doing centerpieces. being the curious person that I am I clicked on "Christine Saunders" and was directed to a fabulous site! This was the advice Christine had given me:

"For a 6x6 vase, you could skip the oasis and ti leaf (which are always tricky to get straight and stay that way) and use clear oasis tape to create a grid over the mouth of the vase. You have to tape when the vase is dry, and then tape all of the ends down around the vase. Three stems of hydrangea go a long way to create a "base" for the flowers to hold the rest of them up, then you can insert the other flowers through the hydrangea into the vase. In the finished product you wont necessarily see the hydrangea too much, but the arrangement will be a lot fuller and larger, and take less time to make because you arent messing with the ti leaf and oasis. Hope that tip helps for your next DIY flower project!"

What a fantastic idea! I have seen the grid process done before from actual arrangements I've recieved from a florist but never even remembered that idea. Also love the idea of using hydrangeas to get a larger arrangement look without having to purchase more flowers to do so. Hydrangea's are great when it comes to taking up floral space!

Where is Christine from you may be asking? This is, unless you clicked on their link supplied above.

Flower DIYvas is a fabulous business that is owned by two ladies, Dawn and Christine. They offer actual workshops that they hold in Huntington Beach, CA and Anaheim, CA. If you aren't from Southern California that's okay! You can also purchase their new DVD that has all of the basics for a Floral Design Workshop.

On their website you can also be linked to different places where they've done articles and things like that which have some great step by step tutorials.

And your last option to get some help from the DIYvas is visiting their YouTube channel where they have several clips that can help you out as well!

If you head on over there let them know Miss Mojito sent you, I think they can be a HUGE help for the DIY brides!

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