Monday, August 31, 2009

Please Don't Stop the Music: All Aboard

This one probably should have been before the ceremony, but I can jump back and tell you about it now right? I mean it is my blog afterall.

Let's set the mood...

You walk up to a gorgeous yacht.

They hand you a chilled flute of champagne and strawberries.

Then they want you to just socialize around and make your way up to the third level where the ceremony will be held. Well I definately think you need some music while that's happening, can't just be silence. Right?

So via some random boards I was browsing I think on the Knot or I came across a girls "recap" of her wedding and she mentioned someone called the Vitamin String Quartet.

Basically, these people do covers of anything you could think of with a string quartet. From Jimmy Buffett to Alice in Chains to Alanis Morrisette they have it covered. The first time I checked them out I was hooked. It's like, you are listening to the song and it sounds all pretty and then fifteen seconds into it you realize "Wait a second, I know this song!" and you realize you are enjoying some sweet tunes of Sweet Home Alabama done by a string quartet... soft and sweet, yet a little fun.

Here are a few that you would probably recognize as well as most of your guests:

Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeplin

Sugar We're Goin' Down by Fall Out Boy

Hey There Delilah by Plain White T's

You get the point... there was a lack of videos on You Tube (couldn't find any of my faves) but you could spend hours flipping through their clips on their website.

So Mr. Mojito and I plan on chosing about eight songs or so to be playing while everyone will be boarding the yacht. If for any reason we go against that we will be playing steel drum music which we also love and have available. Just another something that would go along great with the tropical theme we are having.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Please Don't Stop the Music: Ceremony

This is going to be my next series I'm starting over the next week or two. I'm going to be telling you a little bit about my music plans for my wedding day. Some things we have set in stone, others we have no clue... we are still a little over seven months out so we have some time, but I've been keeping it very organized in my excel spreadsheet so I know I will be ready to go. When we eliminate songs I be sure to delete them and when I come up with songs I add them. It's been a big help and I love having it handy in my Google Docs. Has anybody else found Google Docs to be extremely helpful in the wedding process?

Now let's get to it... the Ceremony. Although of course the main thing people remember from a wedding is the reception, the ceremony is by far the meaning of the whole big party in the first place right? I know when Ceremony's stick out and I want people to leave remembering ours.

For our Ceremony Mr. Mojito and I have decided that we won't be doing any of the traditional songs that you hear at a lot of weddings... so let me start you off with the bridal party. They will be walking down the aisle to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Iz. Honestly, I like this more then the original version. It's so beautiful and has that small tropical feel that we have with our wedding.

Okay maybe this is a bad idea, I just started tearing up thinking about this song during my wedding. Oh my. Maybe I should walk down the aisle to this song? No I think I'm going to keep it the same.

Although I'm not totally 100% on this, this is my only contendor at the moment and it does have some special meaning to me... I'm thinking Joe Crocker's "You Are So Beautiful"...

I saw it on a video once and I don't know why this song with a bride walking down the aisle was just - WOAH.

The next song that would play in our ceremony would be during our sand ceremony, once again we only have one song chosen so far... Lost in this Moment by Big and Rich.

As much as I LOVE this song I'm not sure it will be a contendor. I'm not totally sure though... we shall see.

Last song for the ceremony is when we are announced Mr. & Mrs. Mojito!! Wow, can't wait to hear that for the first time! :) For that one we decided we wanted to do a fun song for us to bounce back down the aisle too. Side story real quick, our best man got married last summer and his last name is Love and they went back down the aisle to "Love Shack" it was so cute! Ok, Miss Mojito... focus! So our choice here is for sure as we love us some Queen and this song is just perfect. We will be doing "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" by Queen.

Oh geez, this song just makes me so happy and also reminds me of "Son in Law" which I can't stand Pauly Shore, but for some reason my Papa-Mojito and I used to watch that movie all of the time when I was younger.

So there ya have it, part one of this session. What do you think of my selections? Any suggestions? What are you planning on doing for your ceremony music? Traditional or a little different?

Be a DIYva!

One of my recent posts about doing my own DIY centerpieces I recieved a comment from someone who had never commented on one of my posts before... this person had left me some fantastic advice on doing centerpieces. being the curious person that I am I clicked on "Christine Saunders" and was directed to a fabulous site! This was the advice Christine had given me:

"For a 6x6 vase, you could skip the oasis and ti leaf (which are always tricky to get straight and stay that way) and use clear oasis tape to create a grid over the mouth of the vase. You have to tape when the vase is dry, and then tape all of the ends down around the vase. Three stems of hydrangea go a long way to create a "base" for the flowers to hold the rest of them up, then you can insert the other flowers through the hydrangea into the vase. In the finished product you wont necessarily see the hydrangea too much, but the arrangement will be a lot fuller and larger, and take less time to make because you arent messing with the ti leaf and oasis. Hope that tip helps for your next DIY flower project!"

What a fantastic idea! I have seen the grid process done before from actual arrangements I've recieved from a florist but never even remembered that idea. Also love the idea of using hydrangeas to get a larger arrangement look without having to purchase more flowers to do so. Hydrangea's are great when it comes to taking up floral space!

Where is Christine from you may be asking? This is, unless you clicked on their link supplied above.

Flower DIYvas is a fabulous business that is owned by two ladies, Dawn and Christine. They offer actual workshops that they hold in Huntington Beach, CA and Anaheim, CA. If you aren't from Southern California that's okay! You can also purchase their new DVD that has all of the basics for a Floral Design Workshop.

On their website you can also be linked to different places where they've done articles and things like that which have some great step by step tutorials.

And your last option to get some help from the DIYvas is visiting their YouTube channel where they have several clips that can help you out as well!

If you head on over there let them know Miss Mojito sent you, I think they can be a HUGE help for the DIY brides!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Bash in Our Honor...

This past Sunday my two MOHs, MOH-KC and MOH-Lu, threw Mr. Mojito and I a little engagement part extravaganza. It was a small group of us that basically included some of my closest girlfriends from high school, and of course their significant others... BM-Cuz also made an appearance as well. I was having so much fun (and enjoying the Sangria) that I didn't take NEARLY as man pictures as I wanted... especially pix showing off how great their decor was. They did it pink and brown which aren't my wedding colors but they know I love that combo.

MOH-Lu (left) & MOH-KC (right)

So excited to start off the party with my future hubs!

Each table had balloons in the center as well as little diamond jems and beads sprinkled throughout as well as homemade frames that were done by MOH-KC (I'm trying to convince her to do an Etsy shop... she's amazing!) She made a total of 10 frames all with a different theme that included a picture of Mr. Mojito and myself that went along with the theme of the frame. At the end of the night I got to choose three to keep and the rest of the girls got to keep one for a favor.

Here are a couple of the tables, with the sun shade down it gave an awkward shadow, I probably should have pulled up the shade but on my camera screen it didn't look too bad.

This is one of the frames and a bit of decor upclose.
Didn't she do such a great job on those frames!?
After a couple glasses of some FABULOUS Sangria and some chatting it up with my friends we fired up the BBQ and MOH-KC's boyfriend cooked up some delicious Carne Asada and Chicken... they also had beans, rice, chips, guacamole, enchiladas, it was all there! The Mexican market that they got this meat at was just amazing... one good thing you can always find in Southern California! Can't believe I didn't take any pix of the food either... I just don't catch the details as much when I'm having a great time I guess!
After we all stuffed ourselves my MOHs hosted a "How well do you know the Bride and Groom" quiz... most of my friends did fairly well and I was shocked when MOH-Lu's boyfriend got 2nd place! He looked at MOH-Lu and said, "See I told you I listen." Clearly he does, he knew so much about Mr. Mojito and I's relationship over the past two years! I saved all of the answers, some of them where hilarious -- especially the boyfriends who didn't know much! I will try and do a post with all of the questions incase you would ever like to use them for anything.
Once the game was finished it was announced there was going to be a Beer Pong Tournament (classy right??)! We played in teams with our significant others and it was double elimination... you loose two, you're out. Mr. Mojito and I lost our first round but then won the next three in a row. We made it to the finals and let's just say... four rounds of beer pong in a row is not the best look for a bride!
One Corona, Two Corona, Three Corona, Floor.
MOH-KC showing off her skills.
Her and her boyfriend are who we challenged in the finale!

Here we are with BM-Cuz and her fiance.
They are getting married a few months after us!
Here are all of the high school girls with our bfs, fiances, & husbands.

For as much beer as we had I think we are lookin pretty good right?

I know I've said this numerous times, but I am SO thankful for my MOHs. They have been so much help and I know they are dedicated to making my bridal experience a fabulous one. I can't wait until the next event that they have in store. I know it will be fabulous!

What was one of your favorite bridal experiences or one that you are looking forward to the most? I can't wait for my bachelorette party in Vegas!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Askin' the BMs (Part 2 of 2)

In an older post about asking the girls to be in my wedding I discussed with you the cards I made the day after I got engaged. I spent all afternoon at the scrapbook stores and got to work... did I mention it was Father's Day? Good thing my dad just wanted to relax and watch movies until we went out that evening so I was able to DIY while still spending some quality time with Papa Mojito! So here is some of the pix I took and for some reason I couldn't get a good flash on it and if I turned the flash off it was just way too blurry. These are the tags that went on the headbands:

I don't believe I mentioned the last card I made though, this one was for Mr. Mojito. I guess I was basically saying, "Thanks for marrying my pain in the ass." But it was really just a note expressing how much I loved him and how I couldn't spend the rest of the day together. Mr. Mojito thought I did a great job on the card and it is already in the stack of "Don't forget to put this in the scrapbook" stuff. But it did sit out on our bar for a couple of weeks before getting put away, so some of my crafty friends got to appreciate the work I did. Here are a couple of pix of the card for Mr. Mo:

After recieving the bling did you do anything or give anything to your future mister... whether something big, or even just a nice little card?

DIY CENTERPIECES: Is it worth it?

One of the first ideas Mama Mojito and I came up with to save money was doing our own centerpieces. We had heard how expensive it can be, and after realizing we would need at least 22 we thought we could do this ourselves.

So one gloomy Friday morning Mama-Mo and I head down to the LA Flowermart and start grabbing flowers that were inexpensive and in our color scheme. I always liked spidermums for their texture, and the button mums are always so cute to me. Another one I love is the fabulous Dhalia. Other then that we just went for the gerbers that day knowing they were affordable and would last the time needed to make it to the wedding.

Besides buying about $25 worth of flowers we also picked up a few oasis' and some 6x6 inch vases to put this whole thing together. In order to hide the oasis in the vase we bought some tea leaves that could be stripped and wrapped along the freame of the vase for more color as well.

We headed home and got to work. Next thing you know Mama Mo and I had our kitchen looking like a florist shop. We did some rough drafts and just tried to see how different things looked, it took us about 15 minutes per centerpiece and we made three. We figured we would want them perfect for the wedding and estimated maybe 30 minutes max for each making that 11 man hours right there... assume it's me, Mama Mo, and maybe one or two others. Wow, we can crank out all of the centerpieces in about 3 hours probably.

Before I continue with this story why don't you check out a few angles of some of our drafts...

As you can see we ended up putting some rocks at the bottom just because the leaves wouldn't totally stay down so the rocks were a way of covering up the oasis as well.

As a whole, I was totally satisfied. I knew that we could do another draft with the actual flowers I wanted (maybe adding a couple different ones, wasn't really sure) and be completely happy with it. I wasn't IN LOVE, but I was happy with my first DIY project.

With the price of a vase, rocks, oasis, and flowers we were looking at about $12-15 per center piece which compared to quotes at $35-45 originally that seemed like a great deal, plus the vases could all be resold on Weddingbee or Craigslist. And for the deal that we got those vases at I was sure I could get them back for the same amount we purchased them as long as they were in just as good condition.

Making a long story even longer, that night my dad said we did a fantastic job but no penny was worth losing our sanity. In a nutshell he said we would be crazy to try and take on this task on our own. He knows us better then anyone (we are both infamous for being stressed) and also knows that the day before the wedding we will have 1,569 other things to do.

Conclusion: They made lovely centerpieces in my condo, a lovely desk arrangment at work, and a great little surprise to my FMIL... but they will not be replicated on April 16th.

I will tell you about my fabulous florist in another post. She's been fabulous to work with and has been so helpful with working with me and my budget.

Have you tried to tackle a huge DIY project? What about one that could only be done the day before the wedding? Good luck! :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

E-photo Teaser

I'm not sure if I ever really mentioned it, but I took my engagement photos at Angels Stadium yesterday with our photography, Paul Manke Photography.

I will give more details when I get more of the pix but he just sent me two teasers yesterday evening... lovvvve this ring shot!

More to come probbaly on Monday he says!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Let ME eat Cake!

The cake was one of the easiest tasks for Mr. Mojito and I... and of course this was at the top of Mr. Mojito's "important" list. In the beginning of this wedding planning process he told I could do what I want with the flowers and such but there are three things he needs to be a part of: food, cake, and music. I guess it's a good thing I knew we could come to an agreement on these three things fairly easily. And so far we have tackled food and cake with no arguments. :)

My cake is included with my location, Electra Cruises. Although they had tons of vendors that were included for all of the other options, they only had one cake vendor to choose from and that was Cinderella Cakes. When we found this out the day we checked out the location and were pretty confident we were going to be putting down a down payment, Mr. M insisted we check out this baker since they were just down the street. Having a craving for something sweet, I didn't oblige to some delicious cake nom's.

As we pulled into the parking lot you can see the showroom through their front window. Right in the window Brad said - "That is it!" Wait, what? We haven't even gotten out of the car yet. As we walked up to the window I saw it and loved it... although we saw some changes we wanted we knew this was perfect for all of the things we have going on in our wedding -- bright (fuchsia, tangerine, and lime) and tropical!

Here are some pictures of the cake and all of its bamboo and tropical goodness details...

This last picture shows the entire cake. The only thing we are going to change is the pillars, we definately want the cake stacked so we think that will make it so much better, also since all of the bamboo is made with fondue we are cutting out a bit of the green bamboo that sticks up to save the cost. Basically the only thing we had to pay for was the gum paste flowers which we got her to do for $100 and everything else she included in our "package" at Electra. We will also be having four tiers instead of three based on the amount of people we are having.
Now let me tell you my FAVORITE part. I will start by telling you that I am NOT a fan of fondant. I love me some cake, and the best compliment to my cake is frosting. They don't like using fondant at this cakery except for details such as the bamboo that borders the cake. They specialize in making the PERFECT SMOOOOOTH buttercream frosting so until you cut it, you can hardly tell that it's not buttercream -- that's what I love!
Now onto the yummy details. Their cakes are DELISH! We went a couple of different times when we knew they had different flavors there but we were set on the delicious choices we made the first time:
  • Bottom Tier - Vanilla Cake with a Lemon Cream Frosting (to die for!)
  • 2nd Tier - Marble with Kahlua Mocha Chip Frosting
  • 3rd Tier - Chocolate with Chocolate Baileys Frosting
  • Top Tier - Vanilla Cake with a Lemon Cream Frosting again

About the top tier, I know there is this whole tradition of saving the top tier for your one year anniversary, but all of my friends have told me it tastes like crap. What Cinderella Cakes does is included with your cake is on your one year anniversary they make you a replica of your top tier for you to come pick up and enjoy a FRESH cake on your anniversary. We loved that idea! If the top tier is left over we might save it for sentimental reasons and still try it, but it's not that important to us.

What are your cake flavors and the fun details that you and your FI have chosen? Was it an easy or difficult task for you to decide on?

David's Deals

Not sure if this is going on in your area, but I know the local David's Bridal's just sent me a coupon in the mail and through email. This time it's a great one... when I went in there they told me if I bought my dress there my BMs would all get $30 off their dress. Of course they thought that was fantastic but I informed them that I would not be purchasing my dress there. So anyways, now this coupon is for $30 off all bridesmaid dresses until September 30th.

Unfortunately if you read the small print this coupon is only good at like 5 local stores. Since a few of my bridesmaids aren't local I informed them of this and if they go try on the dress and tell me their size I will order the dress for them on my credit card and they can just send me a check or pay me via PayPal before my next statement is due. Everyone seems thrilled with this idea because this puts their dress at about $105 instead of $135 each which I think is a good chunk of change off the price.

I put a link to the coupon below if any of you So Cal brides are interested, if not I would see if they have coupons maybe in your area to help you out!

Has having your email and address on a bunch of obnoxious mailers benefited you as much as it has for me? Share some of your deals here!

I'm Obsessed with Winning

Ok seriously, I think I have a radar for contests and I love them. I especially loved this one because Mr. Mojito and I are doing our engagement session tomorrow and as soon as we get our pix back we are putting in the order for our save the dates so they can be out next month!
Check out the contest that Sweets and Life is putting on HERE!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things...

Ok, so the blogging trend of the week I keep running into, like my fellow blogger Miss Pug, everyone has been takin a break from the wedding talk and listing off a few of their favorite things so I thought I would join in on the fun. Because besides knowing about the Mojito Wedding you don't know much! :)

GUILTY OBSESSION: Reality Television

DREAM JOB: Wedding Planner

FAVORITE FOOD: Pizza & Lobster


DESSERT: Cupcakes (+1 for Funfetti!)

FAVORITE ADULT BEV: Mojito of course!

FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM: Angels Baseball (Go Halos!)

FAVORITE MOVIE: Mean Girls (but there are tons!)

DREAM VACATION: Greece (and Italy!!)
FAVORITE COLOR: Pink (Extra points because Range Rover is my dream car!)

FAVORITE BAND: No Doubt (Gwen's my idol!)

CELEB CRUSH: David Beckham (especially in this ad)

If you decide to join in on the fun let me know so I can check out some of YOUR favorite things! :)

Dressin' the Maids...

Picking out Bridesmaid dresses where by far the easiest task I've come across through this wedding process. That, and picking Mr. Mojito of course.

I had a few things I knew I was looking for in the beginning of the process:
  1. Something flattering for all ladies.
  2. Something they could definately wear again.
  3. Something that is easy access for everyone since I have three in So Cal and then one in the Bay Area, one in Texas, and one in Arizona.
  4. As inexpensive as possible!

Enter Alfred Angelo or David's Bridal -- I knew it would have to be a big chain that would be easy for these girls to get ahold of...

I was extremely disappointed in the bridesmaid dresses with Alfred Angelo, they were all tooo Bridesmaid dress'ish. Not sure how to explain what I mean by that but I know what I wasn't looking for. So one stop to David's Bridal and I found a few dresses that I really liked. I had originally wanted some different ones that went together and were the same fabric types but of course the two I fell in love with, one of them was getting discontinued.

So although I truly started with wanting my girls to have options that didn't end up being the case. I found a dress that I had my two maid of honors try on, they both have different body types and it looked amazing on them. So I also tried one on who has a wayyy different body type and it was even flattering on me. So I figured this is a great pic for the girls. It's a nice cotton material and it even has my FAVORITE part -- pockets! :)

The two maid of honors will be wearing the dress in Tangerine and the rest of my bridesmaids will be wearing the same dress but in Watermelon. Here are the dresses in both colors, but I have noticed that the colors are NO WERE similar to what you see on the monitor, so definately see them in person when shopping for your own!

Was it easy picking out your bridesmaid dresses? Did your girls like your picks?

Fizzed Out Sparklers

Oh how I have always loved the photos of the great exits... even some of them are great with confetti and bubbles...

But that's not what I wanted... since I know my exit will be happening at about 10:00 PM I wanted to do the sparkler exit!

Aren't they fabulous?

Wellll... my heart was crushed yesterday afternoon when I recieved an email from my DOC that comes with the yacht. She informed me that fireworks are illegal in Newport Beach and couldn't possibly be used on the dock. Can we even consider Sparklers a Firework??

Whatever... guess I'll have to go with something else or nothing at all. Confetti wouldn't work, and bubbles aren't really as great of an idea at 10:00 at night.

I'm leaning towards nothing... unless you ladies have any other ideas to throw at me??

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

My Bridesmaid Newsletter that is!

Okay, I've heard so many friends complain, and heard complaints on boards, etc. how annoyed girls have gotten with their friend who is getting married. She is so bossy and just deligates one thing after another. I didn't want to be that bride, but I also could sometimes see that maybe that wasn't her plan... she was just overly excited (like we all are) and it comes across that way but more she is just trying to be organized.

So I didn't give these girls to-do lists, or demanded anything... but I did want them to have a place where all of the information is without me having to always email it. Then when I have an update or something I put it on there so all information is in one place.

I don't remember if it was a Bee or just someone in the Hive but someone mentioned a website called Wix. This is awesome! You can make your own website for free and it's awesome. They are flash websites so you can add some pretty fancy touches.

I would love to just send you the link to check out mine, but I do have all of the girls contact information on here so I want to keep that private, but here are a few screenshots for you.

For some reason even when I say to make the pictures big it makes them oh so tiny :) But maybe you get the idea!
I have a few different tabs... one has all of the information of all of the bridal party. Including their phone number, email address, and mailing address. I have another tab that has all of the information about the bridesmaid dresses. The style #, color, etc. Including all of their local locations to their nearest David's Bridal since everyone is all over the place. The next tab is for events like engagement parties, showers, bachelorette parties, etc. So they know dates, times, locations etc. Then there is just a contact page where you can contact me directly through the site with questions, etc.
The girls have loved it and I've gotten all positive feedback! What did you do to keep your girls in the loop? Do you ever feel bossy or that you are bugging them at all?

Monday, August 17, 2009

8 months from today...

...I am marrying Mr. Mojito.

Can't believe it's already down to the 8 month mark!

Currently we have all vendors booked and some detail ideas, but don't have any final decisions on the details.

Guess we should get to it! :)

HELP: Date/Time Stamps

Okay, this post will be completely not wedding related but more just with some help from some of my blog-tech-savy readers...

When I get an idea of something I want to blog about, I make a post and save it as a draft. So basically I just save the title and a quick note or two in the actual blog itself. Then in order I try and go through them (sometimes you will notice a new blog randomly before two other older posts) and write a new one or two every day. Unfortunately, when I write the post it puts the date and time from when I came up with the idea.

So in a nut shell, it will put them sometimes out of order and will look like I wrote 10 or 12 blogs in one day, when really I just was starting the post so I wouldn't forget to blog about it.

Does anyone know how to change a date/time stamp on the blog so that it can be with the actual date and time I write it?

Anything helps! Thanks ladies and gents.

Who loves free stuff?

Don't miss out on a fabulous new giveaway given by Bride on a Budget!

Check out the giveaway on her blog here:

You can win some fabulous stationary from Pink Lily Press who has such cute work! :)

Askin' the BMs (Part 1 of 2)

Sadly, I had a few pix from this first DIY project I did but for some reason I can't find where they are on my computer. So in the meantime, my descriptions will have to do (I think I have a pic of one of them in action that I can add at the end of this post)...

So although all my bridesmaids knew they were going to be in my wedding through small talk I wanted to figure out a cute way to ask them formally. I decided to make homemade notecards and include a little gift.

The front of my notecards said: "I said Yes! Will you?"

The inside of my notecard said: "Will you be my bridesmaid?" or "Will you be my Maid of Honor?"

Along with that it had a little note to them just on our relationship up until that point and how much they mean to me. I wanted each one of them to know how much I wanted them part of my special day.

I also included a link to the Bridesmaid Newsletter that kept them up to date on things they needed to know, the dress they will be wearing, contact info, etc. I will write a post about the newsletter another time.

The notecard then was tied with some cute ribbon to some super cute headbands that I picked up at the ever so fabulous and pocketbook friendly... Forever 21 :)

I got some tags from Michael's that I decorated with some cute scrap gear and punched out some letters from my Cuttlebug and on the tag it said:

"Will you help me keep my HEAD on straight?"

Get it? Headbands? Head? Okay yeah, all my girls got it or at least they acted like they did so it was a fun way to ask them and it seems like they all really enjoyed it. I love headbands and wear them just about daily with one of my hairstyles so it seemed perfect for the girls as well.

Each notecard cost me a little under a dollar to make and the headbands cost anywhere from $1.80 - $3.80 each... this was a project definately under $20 for everything.

She hates this picture, but for the sake of my blogging followers... here is me asking BM-Ash in Las Vegas after our friends wedding at Ceasar's Palace:

How did you go about asking your Bridesmaids? Wasn't it something quick like a cute notecard, or did you get all DIY with this small task?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

OC Weddingbee Meetup!

Do you ever talk to someone about your wedding plans and feel like you are beginning to feel their eyes glaze over? This happens to me a lot. Okay not that much, but I've come to realize that people who arne't into the whole wedding thing or aren't getting married themselves, really don't care.

That's why I love the meetups! I get to eat some great food while sitting with a ton of fabulous girls talking about our weddings! I attended my first meet up and can't wait for the next. You can read more about the post from Miss Frenchie here:

Top Row: Lauren, Laura (Soon2beeMrsLewis), Sarah, Laura (melodicsighs1), Sarah (naangel55), Janine (futureshoolz), Courtney (CourtneyCrocker), Laura (Charm Bracelet)
(You’d think we made all the Lauras and Sarahs stand together).

Middle Row: Michelle (Miss Duckling), Jamie (PrettyKitty), Allison/me (Miss Frenchie), Megan (Miss Sprinkle), Mary (ContraryMary)

Front Row: Stephanie (poli2b)