Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Tripple P

Ok, I'm not the only one right? Every girl starts looking at wedding ideas before she has the ring... right? No crickets there I'm sure... but I'm also sure you all didn't go as far as I did (although the groom was included on some).

Let's put it this way, I had the BIGGEST things out of the way before I had a ring on my finger.

In the beginning of January we stepped foot in a jewelery store and that's when the talks began... next thing you know another week later we are driving around looking at places that we could see ourselves getting married at... oops, did I just call a location and ask to check out the venue? Oh you need a deposit? Ok fine. Yup, we had our venue booked four months before the ring was on my finger.

Not only that I had researched vendors for all aspects of my wedding I had most of them lined up as well before there was a ring on my finger. Florist had a deposit about a month before the ring, and the photographer I was only waiting to book because I was hoping to see if I won a contest... more on that later I promise.

Did anyone else have vendors booked before he put a ring on it? Even things as large as the location?

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