Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Proposal

I don't know about you ladies (and maybe a gent or two?) but I DONT like waking up early on my Saturday... at least not at 8:00 am by a test message from the boy until I read what it says:
CLUE #1: Ahead of you is a treasure hunt! Drive to the home where I now dwell... where on the front door you shall see... an unusual envelope waiting for thee!

Ok, so let me backtrack quickly. We have gone ring shopping and already started planning a wedding, so you can't tell a girl that has been waiting patiently for six, yes six months, that there is a treasure hunt ahead of her if there isn't going to be a ring at the end of this. So of course I wake up super excited and get ready more then I usually would for not having an actual plan for the day. I convinced myself OVER AND OVER that I wasn't getting proposed to because I know how disappointed I would have been... but nonetheless I was hopin' for it so I'm off to the 3 minute drive to his casa and this is the first thing I see. *getting giddy*

CLUE #2 - "Behind this door lies a journey through the past! Enter the place where I lay my head, there awaits a special moment on the bed."

CLUE #3 - Across the hall you should seek, another memory just waiting for a peek!

Note: Chilis is where we first met.

CLUE #4 - Now walk into the kitch and try to find, one of the favorite treats of mine!

Also note: Boomers was the nite of our first date as well :)

CLUE #5 - Now giddy on up to another room, to find something Country waiting for you!

Oh wait, another note: So was the Hat :) Mmm Chili Fries!

Now pass through the sliding glass door as you remember these treasured memories, I plan on making so many more. Let's play a rousing game of Mexican Train..."

With each of the clues there was a great poem or story that he told with tons of sweet things just didn't want to type up all of that.

Making a longer story a bit shorter I go outside where him and the fam pop out for some Mexican Train. I still think this is odd but just don't think the proposal is going to be happening yet. Next thing you know I'm dumping out a box of dominoes only to pour out tons of dominoes including a ring box in the middle... this is where ugly cry face begins.

I didn't open the box, I didn't do anything, I just started to cry. I was seriously the happiest I had ever been and didn't know what to do. Brad said some great things and I couldn't tell you one of them and I even was one of the girls that forgot to say yes. Of course I did and his dad popped out the camera to catch some great pix as well.

Startin to make the calls...

Later on in the evening when we got home, I think I was emotionally exhausted!

On our way to Newport Beach where he took me to lunch and I did a Build a Bear to remember our day of our engagement... of course it was a Panda :)

UP NEXT: Pre Proposal Planning


Westside Wedding said...

That is such sweet proposal! Seeing your pictures made me tear up, you can just see how happy you two are :-)

ohana photographers-david and kimi said...

you two are such a beautiful couple! i think that is the sweetest story i've ever heard! i got all weepy eyed just reading it!