Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Meet

As I sit in the halls of the dark Cal Poly Business building I sit on my sidekick, messing around on Facebook and My Space while waiting for my class to start... as I sit there talking with a boy in my class (that recently took me on a late nite date to Friday's) I get a pop up message on my Sidekick saying "New Message".

Ooo, nobody writes messages on Facebook... everything be done on the wall!

Brad Lastname? I don't know a Brad Lastname! This guy apparently found me via a friend of a friend that we had "mutual" connections with... we talked and chatted via Facebook for a few weeks before making the plunge to actually meet.

We decided to meet at a local Chilis and from there we went to "The Hat" (if you are from Southern Cali you know what I'm talking about, if you're not YOU'RE MISSIN OUT!) After talking for a couple of hours there finding out how many mutual people we know as well as having so much in common we head out to a game of mini-golf which he did NOT let me win.

It was seriously such a casual first date that I wouldn't have any other way, I had a blast and knew I had a real connection with this guy... since this was a last minute middle of the week date plan we planned to hit up the annual local rodeo together... and after that I knew this guy had to be mine!

Our first photo together at the San Dimas Rodeo

That was two years ago, up next: The Proposal.

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