Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Drumroll please...

The venue!

As you know from my previous post, the venue was the FIRST thing we booked, even before the ring happened. But we knew it was gonna happen, and we knew when we wanted it to happen... so since our venue books quick we wanted to get on it.

Before I let you in on where it is exactly we are getting married let me tell you our criteria:

(1) in our budget and (2) ocean related

For those of you who haven't researched into these types of weddings 1 and 2 don't really go well together. But we got two, and ended up spending a little more on our location then we planned.

There were "perks" that made us think it was a little more reasonable... it includes a lot. With the price we get all of our vendors included... if we don't want to use one of their vendors we got credited so much money back (unfortunately the credits weren't as much as how much a vendor always would be). I'll go more into the perks in a minute... let me introduce to you our fabulous, four story.... yacht weddingYes, it may look like three but you can actually go out on the fourth level which is the roof which is covered in cocktail tables where you can enjoy the fabulous view of the Newport Harbor and Marina. Our yacht is called the Eternity and is part of Electra Cruises in Newport Beach.
You are greeted as you walk through the sliding doors with strawberries and champagne where you will be escorted to the third level where a breathtaking ceremony will take place. Once the ceremony is over you are taken down to the first level where you have dinner before heading to the second level (you followin'?) that has a very lounge nightclub feel... there are lounge couches everywhere and a big dance floor where all of the fun takes place! There is a full bar on the first and second level as well.
Unfortunately, it only comes with four hours and to pay for an extra hour was just DEFINATELY not in our budget. So we are settling for four hours, taking photos on the beach before the wedding, and cutting out a cocktail hour so we can go straight from ceremony to dinner followed by the dancing!
The yacht leaves the dock immedietely once everyone boards and cruises around the harbor up until 15 minutes before the conclusion of the wedding.
I'm so excited to have this gorgeous venue, I think it's so different then the norm, yet is so us.

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KoDauk Moment said...

What a fantastic venue! Very cool. Saw your post on WB and here I am. Don't be discouraged if it doesn't seem like you have readers - You DO! Many don't post comments, but there is an audience. Looking forward to future posts and good luck! :)