Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Last Single Lady Christmas

UPDATE: This post was scheduled for a few days after the new year... after posting this and thinking it disappeared I complained about Blogger for a week. Had a lightbulb turn on today and realized when I scheduled it to post it was for January in 2009 instead of 2010. Oops. So I switched it so please excuse the delayed post. LOL

People asked for a Christmas update about 2 weeks ago and I'm just finally getting to it...

Christmas isn't what it used to be. When I was young it was this huge monstrous event starting Christmas Eve, then my Grandma and Grandpa died... and as our family continues to grow it gets harder to get everyone together so the tradition got moved to always be the Saturday before Christmas. It was a huge event like always but Dakota had been really sick that day with Kennel Cough and I spent all afternoon at the vet. Mr. Mojito couldn't join that evening so he could stay with the pup and I only stayed with my family a couple of hours... I even forgot my camera which NEVER happens, so I have nothing to document of my larger then life family.

On actual Christmas Eve I have to work until noon and then my family goes to Northwood's Inn with some family friends. For people who aren't from Southern California, I'm sad to know you can't experience the amazingness of the cheeeeesiness bread they offer at Northwood's but yeah, so yummo! We went to a Christmas Eve service at church after that was one of the most powerful services I've ever been to, AMAZING. After we headed to Mr. Mojito's friends who holds a "Soup Nite" every Christmas Eve... everyone gathers and has about 7 or 8 soups, drinks, and has great conversation with friends and family.

Dakota even dressed up for the occasion in her Mrs. Clause get up...

We managed to take a pic infront of the in-law's tree... they always do a theme and the past couple years has been a patriotic theme...

Dakota knew she was getting something and she waited ever so patiently, it was so cute... she always watched us open presents to see if it was something for her... she had six to open!
We also went and checked out some of our local Christmas light areas...

And I'm very disappointed in myself... this was the ONLY picture I took on Christmas and it was with my dog stealing bows off the presents... lame. LOL

My main gift from Mr. Mojito is actually taking place this weekend and I'm sooo excited about it. We have some wine country about an hour or so from our house in a place called Temecula. There is also a casino there... so we are staying there for the weekend and then a shuttle is picking us up Saturday morning to take tasting at a bunch of different wineries and we get a tour of the whole winery at one of them... there is also a picnic lunch included and a bottle of wine. We love our wine and love going tasting so I'm very excited... I also LOVE to gamble, guilty.

So that was a bit of my holiday in a nutshell... next up my birthday recap!

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Pug(s) and Bugg said...

HUGE LOLLLL at Dakota all dressed up! She is so presh!